Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Print Finished for Executive Jobs, say headhunter

The print media is in serious trouble, having been overtaken by the internet as the primary source of executive job advertisements, according to the boss of a leading executive search firm.

Grant Montgomery, managing director of Sydney-based executive search firm, E.L Consult, which publishes a monthly index on recruitment trends called the E.L Index, says gains in executive jobs advertising on the internet is far outstripping the print media.

The E.L Index incorporates trends in executive-level jobs placed on the Internet and the major metropolitan newspapers. The latest figures from the index show that although the number of executive-level jobs is rising, it is the internet that is seeing commensurate growth, and not the offline sources such as newspapers.

"At this stage in the cycle the press should be chock-a-block with executive recruitment advertising. Although the newspapers have seen some improvement in the all important display job ads, it has been nowhere near the improvement that should be expected," Montgomery says.

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