Monday, January 24, 2005

Identify your problem, resolve it

Make more progress than you think possible

EVEN the most energetic person is lazy about something, and career is the biggest area of weakness for most of us.

We're frightened of failure. We're unsure of our capabilities. The market seems soft with not many jobs around. We don't know enough about the competition. It all seems overwhelming. When we are daunted by a problem we must take two important steps to resolve it.

First, we must stop putting it at the back of our minds, pretending that other matters are more pressing.

Second, we must break the problem down into small chunks and then deal with each one in turn. That way, it will stop overwhelming us. You don't get to the moon without first getting out of bed.

In the series that follows, I am going to show you how to review your career, decide where you want to go and how to get there.

If you do follow it through thoroughly you will make more progress in your career than you ever imagined possible.

Where have you got to? Think back to when you began your career. Can you remember what your aspirations were? Did you want money — I mean, really want money, to the exclusion of everything else? Was your concern to be powerful, to make a difference by influencing what you saw as a very unsatisfactory order of things?

Did you want to be interested in the world in which you live, or to be more educated about a particular aspect of it? Were you aiming to be pre-eminent in your chosen field? Did you want to make life better for others?

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