Monday, January 17, 2005

Fortunes 100 best companies to work for are creating new jobs

America’s best employers are creating jobs, absorbing high health care costs, and improving internal communications. These are the most important trends gleaned from the data for FORTUNE’s "100 Best Companies to Work for" list by Great Place to Work® Institute, the global research and consulting firm that compiles the list for the magazine each year. The list appears in FORTUNE’s January 24th issue on newsstands January 17th.

The “100 Best” companies showed a net increase of 22,590 jobs this year, as opposed to a net loss of 14,679 jobs last year. Marriott added the most new jobs, with a net increase of 3,679 positions; while Genentech had the largest percentage increase, with 24 percent growth by adding 1,286 jobs.

On the healthcare front, 20 of the “100 Best” companies do not charge some or all of their employees any premiums for their health insurance. Of the 38 firms that changed their coverage policies over the last year, 13 of the “100 Best” actually decreased the portion that is paid by employees. Of the firms that did increase their premiums, most did so by less than 2 percent. Stew Leonard’s, a Connecticut supermarket chain, only charges premiums to its most highly compensated managers.

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