Monday, January 17, 2005

Getting Googled

Getting Googled

It may not sound pleasant, it may even sound vaguely illegal, but career experts are telling job seekers that if they aren't ready to "be Googled," they'd better get ready.

A recent poll conducted by Harris Interactive shows that 23 percent of people search the Web for the name of potential business contacts before meeting them. A variety of outcomes are possible when individuals engage in what AIRS calls "Peer Search."

But search experts say there is no reason to accept search engine results passively. Writing a Web "Blog," where searchers can get examples of critical writing and thinking skills, sending out press releases to publicize an idea or paper, and becoming involved in a user group are all listed as ways to increase your Web profile. "There nothing that's more important," says Tim DeMello, founder of the professional profile site, "than the way your name is presented online."

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