Friday, January 07, 2005

Many Throw Away 'Clown Shoes Jobs' To Start Home Businesses

Unemployment has driven many qualified workers to take what tedious jobs they can. But, discovering themselves in deadbeat jobs with abusive corporations who nickel and dime them, many rankled employees quit to start their own home businesses.

“My *** Job is *** clown shoes!” reads one blog. “Basically, my job can be done by someone with the intellect of a melon.” It is a frustration echoed by many co-bloggers buried in infradig nine to five jobs with the benefit of a less than adequate paycheck.

Their situation is exacerbated by long-term unemployment statistics, and the fear that any job is better than none. Of the eight million workers classified as unemployed by the Labor Department, 1.74 million or 21.7%, had been out of work longer than six months. In fact, unemployment lasts on average about twenty weeks.

Read the full press release here.

It just make you think more humanly on your lowly paid staff/colleagues, doesn't it?


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