Friday, April 01, 2005

No Resource without Humans

You half-expect a little bug-eyed girl named Boo to leap out of the page and sneeze on you.

After all, the internet job search engine shares the same first name as the Disney production. And inspires in you the same irrepressible urge to scrunch up your face and coo to its puerile charm.

But Monster is hardly the giggling adolescent. They are a serious force in the recruiting industry, bagging the Most Innovative Employee Referral Program award at the inaugural ER Excellence Awards 2005. Celebrating the achievements of the top nine corporations and individuals in recruiting, the accolade raises awareness of the significant merits of top-notch Human Resource management.

Back home, the Singapore Human Resource Institute (SHRI) has a similar prize. The Singapore HR Awards 2005 emphasizes the importance of human capital as a key business outcome for our nation. With spatial constraints and a pittance of natural resources – a gross understatement on both counts – the island republic relies on her people.

With the worrying trend of all-time low birth rates, marriage figures et al, the recruiting industry has its work cut out for it. The problem is straightforward enough: You need humans, or there can be no human resource. The solution? Respond to national policy and guidelines: Make like rabbits.

Kudos to the award organisers for recognising the need for excellence in the field of corporate recruiting; follow the example of the crème de la crème of the industry. Meanwhile, keep those kids coming!


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