Thursday, March 10, 2005

JobStreet Launches Career Profile Powered by RCI


Something caught my eyes today at

JobStreet Corporation Berhad, a leading online recruitment company in the region has launched their latest jobseeker product in their Career Enhancer range called the Career Profile, powered by the PEAKS profiling technology from Research Communication International ("RCI").

The Career Profile consists of two unique reports named the Mapper and the Mirror that can be purchased online at . They help identify a candidate’s personality-driven career peaks on the Job Fit Index, and these unique personality scores are then mapped onto a heavily researched Asian-sourced Local-Global occupational benchmarks.

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Seems that JobStreet has integrated online profiling with their mainstream job services. However, the Career Profile is for job seekers to understand their job motivation. It might not be exactly useful for employers to assess their candidates, unlike the P3 Profiling.

This is what JobStreet has to say on their new service: "Both reports are built using PEAKS profiling system from Research Communication International. They incorporate a unique personality-based technology that identifies your personality-driven career peaks on the Job Fit Index (JFI). Your unique personality scores are mapped onto a heavily researched (Asian) Local-Global occupational benchmarks"

Career Profile section on JobStreet

Honestly, not many job seekers might understand those recuritment terms used. I guess more efforts are needed to educate job seekers the necessity to learn career management skills.


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