Tuesday, April 12, 2005

HR policies should accommodate all: TODAY

I applaud the need for a non-discriminatory human resources (HR) policy, as reported in "Are employers asking too much?" (April 11).

I feel stereotyping is common when employers make certain assumptions in hiring, such as:

• Singles can work longer hours more often and require shorter notice for last-minute deadlines.

• There should be no change in working hours for fathers as mothers are the primary caregiver to children.

• Mothers take leave often, especially so for those with elderly parents. It would be tough for companies to delegate important responsibilities to mothers due to their unavail- ability.

It is high time our HR policies encourage the understanding that individuals need time for themselves.

This personal time helps to foster stronger family ties, create new relationships and opportunities for self-enrichment or community activities.

Regardless of your marital status, aren't you entitled to time for yourself without worrying that you would be passed over for promotion for not being "accommodating"?

Yvone Wong


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