Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Australasian employers are changing they way they recruit

Australasian employers are changing they way they recruit

Labour market demand and supply factors are combining with significant advances in technology to irrevocably alter the way employers recruit. The technological advances have been facilitated by the widespread adoption of the internet, which has not only enabled the emergence of a new industry, the e-Recruitment industry, but a paradigm shift in the recruitment function.

The Australasian e-Recruiting Trends 2002-2004 report is a comprehensive review of the utilisation of e-Recruitment within Australasia over the past 3 years. It analyses the utilisation and rate of adoption of three core components (the careers website; advertising jobs on the internet (e-Sourcing); and e-Recruitment systems) and adherence to generally accepted best practice principles by 500 of Australasia’s largest employers (the Australasian 500).

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