Wednesday, March 09, 2005

HR Generalist & Recruiter - The Spouse Analogy

Till Death Do Us Part...

I was reading this article by Jeremy Eskenazi on how a relationship between a HR Generalist and a recruiter are often similar to spouses:

"I can't tell if the relationship between HR generalist and recruiter is like siblings or spouses. I do know it's just another version of something you see so often in nature: two organisms in conflict and yet dependent upon one another to survive. I do know the conflict is common; I can't tell you how often I've seen a version of the above story played out in companies."

The article raised many good points. One I am particularly impressed with is how roles of a HR Generalist are often associated to something negative (resolving employees conflict, retrenchment etc.), and that of a recruiter, positive (adding new talent to the company, solving manpower issues etc.) - but yet both are equally important in the recruitment process.

And, of course, the general note that typical hiring managers won't give a damn whatever spate exist between the two - just fill up the damn jobs :-)

Worth a read


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