Thursday, December 23, 2004

The implications of a negative candidate experience

The implications of a negative candidate experience

According to an October survey of 5,700 people by, one in 25 employees walk out of their job after a matter of weeks or days because their employer has failed to help them settle in. The survey confirms that companies are losing talent because they are failing to put the right induction processes in place that could make all the difference as to whether a candidate stays or leaves. Induction processes are obviously very important in ensuring new talent is retained, but perhaps even more important is the recruitment phase. From the very first moment a candidate interacts with an organisation, he or she forms an opinion, one that is likely to stick. Inefficiencies during the recruitment process, such as mislaid CVs, delayed response times to candidates, rescheduling of interview times and lack of follow-up can all lead to a very negative experience for the candidate.

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