Friday, December 03, 2004

Resume Blasting

A client of my resume service asked me for my opinion on resume blasting service.

Do you know what a resume blasting service is? For a fee, such service providers will send your resumes (mostly in electronice format) to a list of hiring managers. This will, as claimed, increased your exposure and chance for a (better) job. You can even get such service in Singapore.

Of course there will be pros and cons to it, but in my opinion, the disadvantages outweigh any positive impacts resulting from the service.

1) Most services blast your resume indiscriminitely. Your resume might end up with companies not in your industry, or the right hiring managers
2) Most people in such mailing lists are included without their permission, i.e. not opt-in. As such, the unsolicited resume can be regarded as SPAM.
3) Even if your resume reached the right manager in the right company who subscribed to such list, your resume will not project you favourably. My take is - unless you are out of a job and desperately needed the exposure to get a new job, you are better off making discreet applications the normal way.

In fact, I can offer such service as well since I have access to information of many hiring managers, but I don't. Simply because I know my clients are already too busy with their actual shortlisted candidates without having to look into unsolicited one.

Just my two cents worth.


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