Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Jobs for the day

Didn't managed to update this blog on time. It was some crazy days in office. The intensive promotion and marketing for the economics course EnergySkills is organizing. For someone who did not really have any idea on how to do proper marketing, it was such a roller coster experience. One moment I am looking at colour proofing copy with my printer, an hour later I am looking at the email tracking statistics. Yet later on I am talking to my sales person on the best strategy approaching the warm/hot leads that I have....

Alright, here are some jobs for today. Only a few updates since two days ago - I think more new jobs are available at our alliance partner website.

  • Submarine Pipeline Engineer

  • Senior Structural Engineer

  • Senior Electrical Engineer

  • Subsea Pipeline Engineer

  • Senior Instrument Engineer

    As usual, more jobs on my career site.

    Today got a reply from fellow recruiting blogger over at Microsoft. Yes, those people who made your Windows OS has a blog, too. They have linked to me on their blogroll! Man.. I am delighted!

    Will set up my own blogroll soon. At the meantime, I am setting up some sub-blog for other purpose. Once done will update here too.


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